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When you follow your bliss, Sag, you’re rarely led astray. But at times, you can get so focused on your personal “hero’s journey” that you develop a kind of tunnel vision.

With the south node in your sign, you’ll want to avoid this in 2021. The north node in your opposite sign of Gemini encourages you to keep your eyes, ears, and mind wide open to everyone crossing your path. Eclipses in your sign (lunar May 26, solar December 3) and Gemini (solar, June 10) reveal how much you have to learn and teach through these interactions.

As your ruler Jupiter spends most of the year in Aquarius, you’re feeling good and comfortable in your own skin. While you may have taken them for granted in the past, you now have a new appreciation for familiar faces and places. You’re seeing how they enrich your life, and looking for ways to return the favor.

Still, with Saturn also in Aquarius, you may need to curb your enthusiasm a little. After all, with Jupiter challenging Uranus in Taurus (January 17), you’re absorbing more mind-blowing insights and information than perhaps you know what to do with. And with this new knowledge comes some responsibility to alter your habits in tangible, even radical, ways. Saturn’s three squares with Uranus (February 17, June 14, and December 23) challenge you to discipline your mind and direct your energy toward the most necessary and useful change.

Your health is likely to be a major focus. But be careful, Sag, not to go down the rabbit hole researching wellness fads or looking symptoms up on the internet. While knowledge is power, too much information can be anxiety-inducing!

A little downtime may be all you need to feel your best. Fortunately, Jupiter’s brief sojourn in Pisces (May 13-July 28) provides more opportunities for you to lounge around at home. With Neptune also in Pisces, it feels good to escape into your own little world for a while.

By early October, as the inner planets (Venus, Sun, Mercury, Mars) begin to move through your sign, you’ll be feeling rejuvenated and ready to rock.


Relationships are our greatest teachers, Sag. And with the north node in your opposite sign of Gemini, that’s especially true for you this year. You’ve mastered being a “me,” but your next lesson is how to be part of a “we.”

Free spirits like you are often wary of getting tied down. But with the right person, love can be a wild adventure! Fortunately, as Mercury meanders through Gemini (May 3-July 11), you’ll have extra time to find just what you’re looking for: someone who not only sparks your curiosity, but is able to sustain your interest.

If you’ve already met your match, novelty and variety help to keep the relationship fresh—especially around the Gemini solar eclipse on June 10. No matter how long you’ve been together, it’s important to stay curious about your significant other. They might still have a few surprises up their sleeve! As Mercury in Gemini forms a square with Neptune in Pisces three times, you may even find yourself wondering whether you really know them at all.

After all, Sag, everyone has a secret side. Your own is that deep down, you’re a big softy—and perhaps a bit of a homebody. But as the inner planets move through Cancer between April 23-July 27, that cat comes out of the bag! Mars, Venus, the sun, and Mercury in Cancer will all form trines with Neptune, encouraging you to enjoy some domestic bliss.

Still, you can have a love-hate relationship with all this cozy intimacy. And as the Cancer planets challenge Chiron in Aries, fears of losing your individuality and freedom might have you running for the door. Think long and hard, though, before you make any sudden moves. With three Saturn/Chiron sextiles this year (February 9, June 23, November 26), your restless feelings may be a trust-building opportunity in disguise. Expressing your concerns openly and honestly lets your partner know it’s safe for them to do the same.

What people see in you, Sag, is usually what they get. And as Venus transits your sign from October 7-November 5, this kind of honesty and authenticity is your most attractive trait.


Hit the ground running, Sag!

With Mars in Taurus (your house of work) from January 6-March 3, this isn’t the year to make a slow start. And as much as you might prefer to work at your own pace, that’s not always going to be an option in 2021.

As Uranus continues his time in Taurus, you’ll be dealing with lots of disruptions in your day-to-day workflow. Mars’ conjunction with Uranus on January 20 pushes you to be proactive and make an honest effort to stay ahead of the game. Fortunately, as Mars also harmonizes with Venus and Pluto in Capricorn, you’ll be rewarded for taking the initiative.

What’s making your workplace so chaotic this year is a mix of communication breakdowns and information overload. As Jupiter in Aquarius challenges Uranus (January 17), new protocols, procedures, and technologies seem to be cropping up more quickly than it’s humanly possible to learn them. But Saturn’s three squares with Uranus (February 17, June 14, and December 23) challenge you to be patient and keep putting in the work to master new skills.

After all, with Virgo ruling your career house, you thrive on having detailed action plans and clearly-defined goals. And in August and September, as the inner planets (Venus, Mercury, Mars, Sun) move through Virgo, your meticulous efforts are sure to get good results. These planets’ trines with Pluto and Uranus (both retrograde at the time) allow you to retrace your steps, check your work, and make any necessary adjustments.

You can start, Sag, by adjusting your attitude. If you’ve been resisting the forces of change—either at your job or in your money management—it’s time to get with the program! The old ways of doing business are rapidly becoming obsolete. But keeping in step with the latest trends helps you stay relevant in this ever-changing marketplace.

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