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Maximize Your Marketing

In today's economy, maximizing marketing dollars is a concern for all businesses. Advertising and promotion can cost tens of thousands even, hundreds of thousands of dollars. The costs associated with main stream advertising (radio, television, print) can be unrealistic for small and medium size businesses and it takes consistent efforts before you see results.

Participating in the Mind Body Spirit Life Expo provides you the most cost effective means to increase visibility and exposure to customers in your area. Your exhibit space becomes a temporary "pop-up" shop for your business and, you are given the opportunity to meet face-to-face with local decision makers... connect with them and, establish a relationship with them, on the spot. You will see immediate results as well as have an opportunity to sell post-event to attendees. No other form of main stream media can offer you the same results, for the cost of our exhibit space.

The Mind • Body • Spirit • Life Expo...

We will help you increase your business by providing you the opportunity to:

  • Meet NEW potential customers that may not know you exist and, increase your visibility in the community.
  • Connect with other businesses and, form referral relationships with them.
  • Sell on site or, take orders for post-event sales.
  • Build database for post-event marketing and promotions.
  • Recruit employees or potential business partners.
  • Promote and announce new products and services.
  • Sample products and demonstrate services FACE TO FACE.
  • Drive traffic to your business location, website and social media pages with brochures, fliers, etc.
  • Let interested consumers see, touch and talk to you PERSONALLY about your products and services!

Space fills quickly at $395 and there is a limited amount of exhibit space remaining. Don't wait to secure your spot today!

Exhibit Space and Tickets

  • Exhibitor Fees start at $395
  • Corporate and Event Sponsorships range from $1,000-$10,000
  • Businesses may include promotional gifts or sample products in attendee bags.

For all event information, contact Pat Cruz!

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Layout of Event

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