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Venus is in caring fellow water sign Cancer as it trines Jupiter in your sensitive sign on June 3, helping you have a positive outlook when it comes to love and money. When other people are looking at the worst-case scenario, you’re lost in your idealistic daydreams, which isn’t a bad place to be for now.

Expansive Jupiter goes retrograde while still in your sign on the twentieth, encouraging you to rely on your intuition and your subconscious more than luck. When you go searching for answers to your most pressing questions, you’ll find most of them within. Your dreams are like a roadmap guiding you toward your next great adventure.

The sun enters Cancer the same day, June 20, and there is also the summer solstice to celebrate, filling your cosmic calendar with some wonderful planetary events. You’re filled with optimism now because you’re able to see the good in people rather than the bad. Although you can be a bit naïve now, you also have one of the purest hearts. Use it to spread love among those who need it most.

Your ruler Neptune goes retrograde in your sign on the twenty-fifth, tearing you away from your dreamworld and throwing some harsh realities your way. Although you might not like what you have to face in the coming months, at least there’s something to be said for getting it over with.

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