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11:30 Crystal Healing and Meditation Techniques

Alexander Mazzone is a certified 6th generation Reiki Master and founder of Crystal Current-energy healing jewelry. He is a Master of Tarot and uses his intuitive gifts to help people transform energetic blockages to achieve effortless abundance and health. Since starting the company Alexander and his team have collected hundreds of testimonials validating the healing power of crystal healing jewelry. It brings great joy to use his spiritual gifts to reintroduce people to their true potential and to facilitate the awakening of the masses. Alexander was honored to give classes and workshops across the country at spiritual events such as the Conscious Life Expo (Los Angeles, California), Experiencers Speak (a UFO conference in Portland, Maine), One Love Festival (Ojai, California) and Psychic Fairs (Sedona and Phoenix, Arizona), where he shares about Crystal Healing, Ascension Symptoms and Meditation Techiques, Soul Retrival from Past Lives and Alternate Dimensions. His energizing jewelries are praised for having extraordinary detoxification effects, using the healing properties of natural crystals combined with scientific technology backed by a Nobel Prize study.

12:00 Coming of Age At Any Age: Aging UP over 50.

This presentation will discuss how to reach your goals and succeed over 50 in the areas of health, relationships and career and self-growth. She will draw from her forthcoming book on the subject. Patricia Raskin, host of The Patricia Raskin Show, is a nationally recognized, multi-media radio talk show host. award-winning producer, speaker and author. She is recognized by her peers and listeners as the "powerhouse voice" behind lifestyle, health and wellness, inspirational, and personal growth talk radio.

A "positive media" pioneer for over twenty-five years, Patricia has been hosting and producing media programs and serving as a catalyst for creating positive change through programs that focus on the positive side of life. Patricia helps listeners turn their obstacles into opportunities and challenges into solutions to make their dreams come true through her renowned interviews with the "best of the best" motivational, spiritual, health, and self-improvement experts.

12:30 Brain Dominance is the key to happiness and success.

Brain Dominance is the key to happiness and success. People who successfully use all four quadrants of the brain are more confident, effective and efficient than their peers and they are happier, healthier and less stressed in both their personal and professional lives. The problem is only 25% of people are able to successfully use one of their quadrants, 55% use two, 15% use three, and only 5% use all four. Fortunately, Joe developed a program to teach people how to use all four quadrants of the brain. Wouldn't you like to use all four quadrants of your brain and be happy and successful?

Joseph Schechtman Energy Healer and Brain Dominance Expert. An energy healer who specializes in trauma: he sees individuals that have experienced physical, sexual and emotional abuse as well as clients diagnosed as PTSD (including Veterans), autism, ADHD, and other learning disabilities. His work also includes assistance with Dementia and Alzheimer prevention. In addition to his private practice, Joe has consulted to public schools, colleges, for profits, non-profits for over 30 years.

1:00 Taming Your Whirlwind Life

Do you feel like you are always running?· Are you tired of feeling like people walk all over you?· Sick of feeling obligated to say yes, too much, or you commit to things you later regret? Take care of your life, you only have one! In this intense exploration of understanding why we do the things we do, you'll identify your top values, learn a new formula for managing your choices, and walk away with strategies for taming Whirlwind Tunnel Syndrome. - "The all of the time, and sometimes most of the time, shuffling, shifting, chasing, and running on over drive, so you can catch up syndrome!"

Dawn Quesnel (aka Coach DQ) is an award-winning Coach, founder and President of Career Life Balance. As a trusted coach and consultant, she works with professionals to help advance and manage their careers, their challenges, and the successes of every day's life balancing act. Coach DQ's dynamic keynotes and workshops are interactive and timely. Geared towards small business owners, associations, universities, human resource executives, and professionals, her audience members always leave with clearer focus of how deliberate choices can and will impact change in their lives.

1:30 Whole Body Vibration: The Future of Good Health

Whole Body Vibration is a booming body, mind, and spirit therapy bringing life changing benefits to millions of people around the world. Hundreds of research studies have shown that WBV is an intense exercise system which increases strength, bone density, and weight loss (10 minutes equals 1 hour of conventional weight lifting). At the same time it also almost immediately improves mood and energy, and increases circulation and detoxification, while lowering pain and inflammation. Used worldwide by athletes, busy professionals, baby boomers, and people from every walk of life, Whole Body Vibration is the future of good health.

Becky Chambers, B.S., M.Ed., is a natural health practitioner, teacher, author, and the president and owner of Vibrant Health. She specializes in the breakthrough body, mind, and energy therapies of Whole Body Vibration and homeopathy. Her book, Whole Body Vibration: The Future of Good Health, has been the best-selling book on Amazon about this revolutionary technology since it was published in 2013. Becky second book, Homeopathy Plus Whole Body Vibration, explores the synergy between energy medicine and WBV. Becky's personal story of surmounting debilitating health issues using natural health methods is the source of her passion to inspire and educate people in natural health and healing.


Life is a journey FULL of obligations, deadlines, and stressors; sometimes within our control, but mostly likely not. In these 30 minutes, take control back! Listen, engage, and put yourself first so that you can learn simple tools from my L.I.F.E. Methodology Program that will help you to stop living for everyone else and starting Living In Full Engagement (L.I.F.E).

Lisa Doiron is a Certified Life Coach by the Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching (iPEC) and the founder of The Life Achievement Institute, where her mission is to help people stop living for everyone else and start doing what truly makes them happy. In addition to her coaching concentration, Lisa also holds a B.B.A. from UMass-Amherst and a M.B.A. from Bentley College, both in Marketing.


One-Time Management–This session is all about self-management. A glimpse of Connie's program where participants will walk away with a plan of action for creating more time for wants and needs in their life.It will also focus on prioritization and organization techniques for the busy professional. Maximizing time and energy is the focus of this method.

Connie Aramento is a Certified Holistic Health Coach by the American Association of Drugless Practitioners and a graduate of the Institute for Integrative Nutrition in 2009, and is often referred to as the "soul coach." Connie also holds a BA in International Relations from St. John Fisher College in Rochester, NY, and an MS in Higher Education and Counseling from Central Connecticut State University in New Britain, CT. She has spent over 10 years working in higher education, has coached over 200 people, presented numerous workshops, keynotes, facilitated retreats, and has led health, wellness and professional development and leadership initiatives.

3:00 Restoring Wellness While Working 9-5

Wellness and working can go hand in hand. Not everyone has the flexibility to attend wellness classes while working a full time job and balancing life's responsibilities. Deborah Faith offers practices that you may take with you into your workplace that will help you to feel more empowered, balanced, peaceful, and strong. She will finish her talk with a drum meditation that she offers to her colleagues at NEIT.

Deborah works New England Institute of Technology in the Office of Teaching and Learning where she leads meditation groups, co-leads a book club, and brings inspiration and positive energy to all that she does at her 9-5 job. Deborah has a Bachelors Degree in Psychology and Human Resource Managment from St. Anselm College, is a Certified Nonviolence Practitioner, Certified Spiritual Counselor with a concentration in Hypnotherapy, a Reiki Master/ Teacher who has 13 years' experience leading workshops, groups, and counseling sessions, and an ordained Nondenominational minister who has performed weddings in RI and neighboring states.

3:30 Inventing or Reinventing Yourself for a Great Career

Are you (a close friend or a family member) looking to prepare for new and interesting career opportunities because you are: Feeling "stuck" in your present position? Entering or reentering the workforce after a substantial absence due to, for example, family responsibilities? A student getting ready to graduate high school, college or graduate school? If so, please join us for this workshop to learn and have fun with a few interactive activities, too! We will help you to:

•Define your goals.

•Develop an action plan to achieve your goals.

•Prepare a marketing plan (including a resume that ROARs (is Results Oriented And Relevant) to help you secure the position you are looking for.

•Determine and achieve your goals for a great career!

Ron Shapiro is a PhD in Psychology who has been recognized as a fellow in the American Psychological Association, the Eastern Psychological Association and the Human factors and Ergonomics Society. He has managed and been on the corporate staff of IBM, taught at the college level, and is pleased to consult with individuals and businesses alike. His programs are applicable, educational, entertaining, useful and a ton of fun!!!


There are so many different emotional reasons why people use food beyond its purpose of fuel for the body. Whether from stress at work, problems at home or depression. Medical problems also come into play. So in addition to nutrition and exercise, this program addresses what causes the person to overeat. In developing her program, Lauren incorporated three very important approaches to losing weight and preventing relapse. They are proper nutrition, need for consistent activity and cognitive behavioral therapy to address the person's mindset. This gives them the ability to change the emotional eating relationship he/she is having with food.

Lauren Canuel LICSW-ACSW-BCD, is a highly regarded psychotherapist with over twenty-nine years of weight loss experience. Twenty-nine years ago, she weighed 285 pounds. But she lost the weight in 30 months and has managed to keep it off, even through two pregnancies. Lauren grew up in an dysfunctional home and realized she was self medicating with food. There are so many different emotional reasons why people use food beyond its purpose of fuel for the body. Whether it's from stress at work, problems at home or depression. Medical problems may also come into play.


Speaker, spiritual medium and radio host. Pat Olson's readings will give you the confidence to look at the future with new optimism. She is direct and straight across the table with the client when she does her readings and answers questions. If you are looking for a general psychic reading or tarot card reading, that is not her style. You will leave her table with answers to your specific questions, dates, time frames, details, etc. that will astound you.

Pat has served several branches of government - from reading members of the United Nations, to helping various law enforcement agencies-including the FBI, Naval Intelligence, State & Local Police Departments- to solve criminal cases. Many of her clients are world-famous talents, political leaders (current and past), international celebrities, local legends, and relations that have been forged from years of undeniably accurate readings & life-path changing visions...