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Capricorn Horoscope Capricorn Horoscope

And then there was one.

After a pileup of powerful planets in your sign last year (which also included Saturn and Jupiter), Pluto is the last one standing in 2021. He’ll be there for three more years—which means that for you, Capricorn, life remains a work in progress.

Conjunctions between the inner planets and Pluto bookend your year, giving you a built-in system for tracking this progress. Take some time in January to consider how your thinking, values, and desires have changed over the previous year. Then, in December, check back in to see how you’ve continued to evolve.

With Mercury, Venus, Mars, and the sun harmonizing with Pluto at several points in the year, evolution is unfolding naturally. In February and again in May, Taurus energy keeps you rooted in the certainty of who you are and what you stand for—while also recognizing that this can manifest outwardly in many different ways. In August and September, Virgo planets help you bring yourself into closer alignment with your personal integrity. Gaining clarity around your beliefs, principles, and ideals helps you grow into your best self.

Still, clarity isn’t always easy to come by—especially with Neptune in Pisces. There’s a lot of vague, misleading, and confusing information out there (as well as in your own head). And Jupiter’s brief dip into Pisces (May 13-July 28) can muddy the waters even more. It’s easy to indulge in blind faith, false hope, or overzealous idealism. At the same time, though, Jupiter and Neptune enhance your intuition, providing easier access to other forms of knowing. Just remember that while you’re entitled to your own feelings, you’re not entitled to your own facts.

Despite the stoic exterior, Capricorn, you’re quite a sensitive soul. And with Chiron in Aries, your house of emotions, that sensitivity is more easily triggered this year. Fortunately, with your ruler Saturn in Aquarius, you’re able to detach somewhat from making knee-jerk reactions and see things from a higher perspective. Saturn’s three sextiles with Chiron (February 9, June 23, November 26) provide opportunities to heal past hurts by effectively dealing with present realities.


The power of attraction: With no fewer than three Venus/Pluto conjunctions in your sign this year, Capricorn, you’ve got it!

Venus and Pluto align once at the beginning of 2021 (January 28) and twice at the end (December 11 and 25). And in between, your values and desires will be undergoing a kind of metamorphosis. Your appearance may transform as well, in ways that are more than just “skin deep.”

As Venus graces your sign from January 8-February 1, and again from November 5 through March of next year, she’ll be repeating several other major aspects as well.

Although her trine with Mars in Taurus (January 9) isn’t one of them, another trine with Uranus in Taurus (November 18) shares a similar flavor. You’re encouraged to name and claim what you really want, even if this is radically different from what you’ve wanted before. Enjoy the satisfaction of playing—and perhaps dating—against your usual type!

Still, as Venus forms a square with Chiron in Aries (January 12 and November 15), old wounds from past relationships can rear their ugly head. Emotions coming up may have little to do with the person in front of you, and everything to do with another old flame. Whatever’s being brought up, though, it’s happening to help you heal.

Venus’ sextiles with Neptune in Pisces (January 23 and November 30) encourage you to have compassion, for both yourself and your significant others. This becomes easier mid-year, when “divine lovers” Mars and Venus cross paths in your opposite sign of Cancer (June 2-11). As these planets aspect Chiron, Neptune, and Pluto, you’re finally able to see things from their perspective.

Even so, as Venus in Cancer harmonizes with Jupiter in Pisces, it’s easy to overindulge in projection and wishful thinking. Believing in someone is a powerful thing, but make sure that the potential you’re seeing in them is actually there. Even if it is, you can only help them nurture it if they want that for themselves.

Remember, Capricorn, your powers of attraction and influence are extremely strong this year. So be conscious of how you’re using them!


It’s great to be ambitious, Capricorn. Especially when it serves a purpose beyond advancing status and wealth.

This isn’t just pie-in-the-sky idealism. As more and more people become socially conscious, it’s simply good business sense! And as Jupiter and Saturn in Aquarius challenge Uranus in Taurus (Jupiter on January 17; Saturn on February 17, June 24, and December 23), you’re challenged to put your money where your mouth is.

Boycotting certain companies, investing in others, and donating to causes or candidates you believe in are all effective ways of expressing your values. The bottom line is to put people—and planet—over profits. By doing this, you’re making a valuable investment, both in your own personal future and our collective one.

Of course, there’ll be a learning curve involved. In your field and others, the current “best practices” are constantly evolving in light of new information. And with the north node in Gemini, this is happening more quickly than ever. Approach your work this year with a fresh curiosity and an openness to trying new things. Whatever works, right, Capricorn?

As an added bonus, diversifying your skill set makes it easier to find work this year. If you’re looking for a new job, the Gemini solar eclipse (June 10) is a powerful time to start your search.

You’re known for being a disciplined, diligent worker. But with Mercury spending extra time in Gemini (May 3-July 11), you’re encouraged to work smarter, not harder. Time is money, so it’s important to use yours as efficiently and effectively as possible.

At the same time, though, you put a high premium on principles and build your reputation on relationships. This means sometimes, you must sacrifice expediency to do what’s right. With Mercury in Libra from August 29-November 5, take some time to think about what “right livelihood” means to you.

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