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The 4th Annual Mind • Body • Spirit • Life Expo

Mind-Body-Spirit- Life Expo is a one day event for men and women who are interested in enhancing all areas of their life. It returns to the Crowne Plaza for a third year, Sunday, November 26, 2017 from 11am-5-pm. This annual event creatively combines over 100 businesses, informative seminars and live presentations, together with about 1000 decision-making consumers interested in learning about the newest products and services available. Guests have the opportunity to speak directly to business owners, ask questions, personally see, touch and feel products, as well as, do personal or holiday gift shopping.

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Work/Life Balance


Environment & Green Living


Healing, Massage, Energy Work


Home Organization & Improvement


Healthy Eating & Lifestyle


Health, Wellness & Yoga


Healthy Relationships & Travel


Personal & Career Development


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Founder & Producer

Pat Paolino Cruz


Creating balance in all aspects of our lives is more important than ever. As busy adults, we sometimes struggle to create wholeness and, to increase the value of our health and well-being. Bringing all modes of living a balanced life to the forefront is crucial to our society. There are a multitude of wonderful local businesses that can help us, do just that." says Pat Paolino Cruz, Founder and Producer. The issue then becomes how do consumers learn about those businesses. Many have smaller advertising budgets that don't create that "coca cola" branding, but their products and services are extraordinary. This Mind-Body-Spirit-Life Expo was created as a one day, one stop shop, where local consumers and businesses can connect easily, and in a stress free environment.

Consumers can speak directly to business owners about specific products and services they are interested in or they can learn about what's newest on the market. It's a fun, festive and informative atmosphere and it's all under one roof. The show provides an opportunity for guests to see, taste, feel and experience new products they may not yet know about. "We get excited about creating festive, entertaining and inspiring shows for local consumers to enjoy with family and friends. And while this website's mission is to help you discover what you'll experience there (presentation schedule and list of participating businesses) the real excitement begins when you arrive."

We look forward to having you join us!

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Event to be held at the Crowne Plaza